June 2024

Here we are again with another update! It’s June 1st things are heating up over here at Mom’s Basement Records! We are in various phases of around 8 releases that are coming up this summer, this month will be kind of quiet but all hell will break loose next month. We have 2 releases for June! The first one is a highly requested cd reissue! Many of you have asked and we are finally delivering the Wanna-bes – Out Went The Lights on cd. It’s limited to 200 copies in total with 100 of them already accounted for by the distributor. The other is a huge one for us, it’s a reissue of the timeless Egghead comp “Dumb Songs For Smart People” on vinyl for the first time ever.

Now… get ready for this craziness. In the month of July we have The Follow Ups – Know Who Your Friends Aren’t coming on Lp and Cd, The Young Hasselhoffs – Get Dumped on Lp and 2 releases from the Jasons! Get Fucked is finally coming back into print as well as a brand new split 7” with our good friends Ratbones.

We’ll be finishing out the rest of this year full throttle, so make sure you’re keeping up with us on social media. We also have a YouTube channel with tons of great music videos and live footage for you to binge. Thanks for all of the support and stay tuned for more fun releases and cool happenings!

P.S. Mom’s Basement Fest 2024 early bird tickets are available now at a discounted price, that early bird sale price ends on June 30th 2024.

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/moms-basement-fest-2024-tickets-896547356277 [eventbrite.com]

– John & Tricia


April/May 2024

Well, here we are AGAIN and I spaced on the entire month of April. I have been so busy with my day job and the business end of running a fairly busy record label that I’ve really been slacking on the promo stuff. Thankfully I have Tricia to pick up some of the slack! With all of that out of the way, it has been a crazy month + for us over here at Mom’s Basement Records. We released that 5 disc Jasons cd boxset, it sold out in 3 minutes. A lot of people missed out on it and that sucks. So we’re going to try to do another version of it in the near future. We also released the debut from Texas punks Hoaxxers, we released a super limited Lathe Cut 7” ep. It’s available now on white or clear lathe cut 7” but if you didn’t get one yet, I’d do that sooner than later bc there’s single digits left on both of those colors.

At the end of April, Phase One of the 2024 Young Hasselhoffs onslaught began with the vinyl release of their legendary third album “The Obsolete Man”. The clear splatter vinyl sold out immediately but there is still copies available on White Splatter and White Marble and finally on May 3rd, the debut release from the Bacarrudas dropped and people are loving it. The Bacarrudas are the brain child of Adam Rabuck (Dirt Bike Annie) and that dude is still razor sharp all these years later. It’s not your typical punk rock release though, it’s in fact, a 60’s inspired frat rock project. Grab a copy of pool party today, it’s limited to only 100 hand numbered cds.

Thanks for the support everyone, the label is busy as hell and it’s a great problem to have! Stay tuned for more releases from the Putz, The Follow Ups, Proton Packs, Haermorrhoids, EGGHEAD., Goin’ Places, The Young Hasselhoffs And the Jasons! It’s gonna be another busy year for us at MBR. Stay tuned to our social media channels and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t yet. There’s a gang of MBR Fest 2023 footage that’ll be uploaded soon!

– John & Tricia


February/March 2024

Wow! So February and March has been a blur! Here we are and we’re over half way through march already.. so let’s call this one a 2 piece extra value post. Let’s start from the beginning, back in February we released the debut full length from Columbus, Ohios own Lustkill, their self titled full length is available on 3 different colors of vinyl as well as Cd! We also debuted the first single/music video for a brand new band out of Texas called Hoaxxers. This band may sound familiar if you’re an older punk like us bc it’s Joe Jitsu incarnate! Same dudes, new band name and the song rules. The song “Thought That You Should Know” is streaming everywhere now and the music video is on YouTube! Check our Label band music video playlist to easily find the video.

In March we released the new Classic Pat full length “Won’t Back Down” it’s a certified banger and it’s selling quickly. We also just launched the preorder for the sophomore full length from Manarovs. “Callsign:Proton” is available on 3 colors of vinyl as well as CD. You can also get those bundled with an exclusive t-shirt that was designed by our main dude Marco About from Twister! At the end of this month comes MBR100 – it’s the Jasons – Slashology cd boxset. It’s 5 discs and comes with extra fixin’s. You’ll have to stay tuned to the labels social media page or the Jasons social media page for more info on that in the very near future.

– John & Tricia