February/March 2024

Wow! So February and March has been a blur! Here we are and we’re over half way through march already.. so let’s call this one a 2 piece extra value post. Let’s start from the beginning, back in February we released the debut full length from Columbus, Ohios own Lustkill, their self titled full length is available on 3 different colors of vinyl as well as Cd! We also debuted the first single/music video for a brand new band out of Texas called Hoaxxers. This band may sound familiar if you’re an older punk like us bc it’s Joe Jitsu incarnate! Same dudes, new band name and the song rules. The song “Thought That You Should Know” is streaming everywhere now and the music video is on YouTube! Check our Label band music video playlist to easily find the video.

In March we released the new Classic Pat full length “Won’t Back Down” it’s a certified banger and it’s selling quickly. We also just launched the preorder for the sophomore full length from Manarovs. “Callsign:Proton” is available on 3 colors of vinyl as well as CD. You can also get those bundled with an exclusive t-shirt that was designed by our main dude Marco About from Twister! At the end of this month comes MBR100 – it’s the Jasons – Slashology cd boxset. It’s 5 discs and comes with extra fixin’s. You’ll have to stay tuned to the labels social media page or the Jasons social media page for more info on that in the very near future.

– John & Tricia


January 2024

Happy New Year! We’re off to a late start with this write up.. shit happens right? We hope that you checked out and enjoyed the 2023 Mom’s Basement Records X-mas party. A bunch of MBR friends and family came through with some awesome video clips. One of the highlights was the submission from EGGHEAD!!! That was a star studded event (Will Wheaton!?!) and coincidentally, it’s the bands first new song in a decade, so we’re honored to have had that be a part of the Xmas party.

Now onto 2024 happenings! We’re starting this year off with a bang, as of right now Post Ramome – Sounds Like This is sold out at the label, Jolly Ronnie Records does has a few copies left if you didn’t get one, once those are gone, the only way to get a copy is through the band at one of their shows or through our distributor Traffic Entertainment, so ask your local record store to grab you a copy. We also just released a special little cd-ep from the Dee Thees which is a MBR family supergroup as it were. The band features members of the SUCK and Ratbones, they recorded 4 fun covers through the Covid Quarantine and they’re now finally seeing the light of day.

That’s all we will have for the month of January, February and march will be killer though, you can expect releases from Lustkill, Manarovs, the Jasons, Classic Pat and the Young Hasselhoffs! We have a TON of other killer stuff coming up this year, we’re talking about some heavy hitter projects too. We’re also working on the beginning stages of booking Mom’s Basement Fest. It’s going to be nuts, it’s going down at Westside Bowl in Youngstown, Ohio on October 4th and 5th so mark your calendars and grab those advance tickets when they’re available. Thanks for all of the support over the years and we’re really stoked on the future of the label.

Happy New Years B/W

Cheers and Beers!
-John and Tricia


December 2023

This is it! The final month of 2023 and what a year it’s been for the label. We’ve released a bunch of killer releases throughout the year and we are going to close it out with a banger! We’re talking the debut full length from Post Ramone! Sounds Like This will be here in a couple weeks and we are pumped for everyone to hear it. We have a new single dropping today very soon so be sure to go listen to “Take Me Home Tonight pt.2” wherever you consume digital content! The album is a co-release with the always killer Jolly Ronnie Records. Aside from that, we also just released the 2nd pressing of the smash hit album “Dear Departed” from the Young Hasselhoffs! It’s back in print on black vinyl and super limited Sea Glass vinyl and a brand new design of the digipak cd. Beyond that, release number 100 is in the works and will be announced very soon! We’re very grateful for all of the support in 2023, it was a tough year for everyone all over the world and we appreciate everyone who bought frivolous things like records and cds from us. A lot of little labels quietly shut down this year, and all of the amazing people who still supported us when the times were tough, we really appreciate it and we promise to keep bringing you the best pop punk and Ramonescore releases. 2024 is gonna big year for the label. We have lots of cool shit lined up. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for lots of announcements and tune in to our YouTube channel on December 23rd at 6:00 pm est for our Mom’s Basement Xmas party! Love – John and Tricia