It’s September 6th and summer is slowly winding down here in scenic Pennsylvania. We’ve managed to stay incredibly busy throughout the summer with even more to come this fall! We have a preorder going right now for the Young Hasselhoffs – Dear Departed Lp/Cd! You can preorder a copy separately or bundled with a shirt at a special price. This album is a banger and we cannot wait for everyone to hear it. You can listen to the title track and first single “Dear Departed” wherever music is streamed.
Right after the Young Hasselhoffs releases we’ll be releasing the debut full length from Ghost Party! The album is called “Afterlife of the Party” and it’s not to be missed. The first single “Scream Mask” is streaming everywhere now so go listen to it a thousand times and get ready for the new album. Aside from those 2 smash hits, We have 2 release announcements coming very soon, both of which are new bands to the label!
Thank you very much for all of the support. We’ll see everyone in exactly one month at Mom’s Basement Fest! You can grab tickets here if you haven’t already

-John & Tricia



August is upon us and with that comes hot weather and even hotter releases over here at Mom’s Basement Records! We have a bunch of new releases out right now in our webstore! Grab one of each now!

-Mcrackins – Wake The Fun Up Lp/Cd

-The Haermorrhoids – At The Earth’s Core LP/Cd
-Borderlines – Keep Pretending Cd
-Proton Packs – Live At Punk Rock Raduno Lp
-Huntingtons – Live At Punk Rock Raduno Lp
-Punk Rock Raduno Vol.6 Lp
-The Young Hasselhoffs – Obsolete Man Cd Reissue with alternate artwork.

As you can see, We’ve been incredibly busy. Aside from releasing hit after hit record, we’ve also been hard at work on our yearly showcase Mom’s Basement Fest 2023! There’s still a few more bands to announce as of writing this but once the final band is announced, we will post the final artwork for the festival which was done by the almighty Tommaso Eppesteingher.

You can grab your tickets to the festival here –


We’ve also started working on the annual Mom’s Basement Xmas Party 2023! We’ve reached out to a bunch of bands and we’re also still looking for bands so if your band wants to play or you have some ideas, hit us up on social media and let us know!

We also have a bunch of killer releases coming down the pipelines, we have a brand new full length from The Young Hasselhoffs called “Dear Departed” and the debut full length from Ghost Party called “Afterlife Of The Party”. Both will be here very soon! We also have a bunch of other shit lined up from such fine acts like Manarovs, The Lockdowns, The Follow Ups and more! Stay tuned to our social media pages for more details!

-John & Tricia


It’s July and summer is in full swing, much like the weather, things are heating up over here at Mom’s Basement Records ( I could’ t help myself). We have a bunch of stuff in the works in various phases so let’s start with what’s available now! Mcrackins – Wake The Fun Up is available now on 4 different colors of vinyl and on CD! We just launched a preorder for 2 live at Punk Rock Raduno LPs. Proton Packs and the legendary Huntingtons are both available on 2 colors of vinyl and they should be shipping out towards the end of this month. We also have the new full length from Munster, Germanys own Haermorrhoids. There will be a preorder launching for it bundled with a killer shirt design very soon. On top of that we have the debut full length from Ghost Party coming out in a couple months. That’s all just what’s currently been announced, we still have a bunch of cool stuff lined up to take us through 2023. We’re quickly approaching release #100 and we have something cool lined up for it. More on that and much more soon!

-John & Tricia