Happy new year! 2022 was our best year yet and we’re looking to do even better in 2023. Hot off of a killer MBR X-Mas Party we’re full steam ahead with an onslaught of releases. Our first release of 2023 is the farewell release from our beloved twister. This CD only release is hand numbered and limited to only 104 copies.

Right after that we have a “first time on vinyl” reissue of the Jasons – Get Sued, that’s being co-released with our friends over at I Buy Records. After that we’re looking at a CD reissue of The Vermin – P.S. I Hate You, this classic album has been out of print for a couple decades and we’re stoked to bringing this classic back into print. We also have releases coming from Proton Packs, The Phase Problem, The Lockdowns, AVEM, Beatnik Termites and many more!

-John & Tricia


December is finally upon us. This year went by crazy quick, we’ve had a very busy year throughout all of the ugly business with the pressing plants and inflation on costs of materials. There’s roughly a $1,000 difference on the cost of 500 Lps between 2019 and 2022. It’s really hard out there right now for small record labels. We are very fortunate to be in the position that we are in and throughout the pandemic and inflation, we’ve managed to stay afloat. We’re not exactly lighting the world on fire over here but we have been able to have a non stop stream of releases again in 2022. From January to November we’ve managed to release the following amazing titles (by catalog number)

The Putz – A Few Beers Younger Lp/Cd/Cassette

School Damage – Critical Excess Lp/Cd (Co-release)

AVEM – Three Birds Stoned Lp/Cd

JERK – Welcome To Sleepaway Camp 7” ep

Passport Vol.5 – Wanna-Bes/Mugwumps Split 7” ep

Ratbones – Teenage Confusion & Adult Delusion Lp/Cd (Co-Release)

Ratbones – S/T Cd reissue (Co-Release)

Zoanoids/Proton Packs Split 7” ep (Co-Release)

Shackleford – S/T Cd

Twister – The Best Of Our Worst Cd

Ricky Rochelle – So Far, So Good Cd

Stinking Polecats – Lp/Cd (Co-Release)

Smelters – Burnin’ Dirt Lp/Cd (Co-Release)

Rotores – Punk Rock Fever Cd

The Yodees – Comic Books

The Vapids – New Wave Humour Lp (Co-Release)

the SUCK – All the SUCK and more Vol.1 – The Incomplete Discography Cd

Ghost Party – S/T Demo Cd

Mcrackins – L.A.M.P. Lathe Cut Ep

Punk Rock Raduno Vol.5 Lp (Co-Release)

Mcrackins – Eggs Alive In Italy Lp (Repress/Co-Release)

Manarovs – S/T Lp/Cd

Lunkheads – Am Smarter Than A Monke Cd Lunkheads – Brainchild Cd ep

God Save The Queers Tribute Vol.2 Lp/Cd (Co-Release)

Back To Lillington High – Lillingtons Tribute (Co-Release)

If that’s not enough, we still have these coming in this month, right on time for your top ten list

Deecracks/The Manges Split Ep (Co-Release)

The Young Hasselhoffs – Life Got In The Way (Co-Release)

Greendales – S/T Lp

2022 has been one of our best years yet and we’re very proud of all that we’ve accomplished. 2023 is looking to be killer as well and we cannot wait to start announcing all of our upcoming projects! The last cool thing for the year for us is the Mom’s Basement Records X-Mas party and that’s going down on December 23rd on YouTube! Keep an eye on social media for more info on that over the next few days! Thanks everyone for all of the support and we’ll see you at the Christmas Party!

-John & Tricia


It’s hard to believe November is here already! We’ve managed to stay busy with some new releases since the last update. Passport Vol.5 – The Wanna-bes/Mugwumps split 7” is out now on 3 different colors of vinyl. Each is limited to 100 copies! We also a reissue from the Vapids, New Wave Humour is available on black or crystal clear vinyl. If that’s not enough how about the debut demo from Ghost Party on a nice handnumbered cd that’s limited to just 100 copies. Last and certainly not least we have a killer cd compilation from the SUCK. All the SUCK and more Vol.1 is out now and features both of their out of print full lengths as a classic jewel case cd.

We’re one month out from Mom’s Basement Fest and we’re already working on next years show. This time it’ll be 2 days at Westside Bowl in Youngstown, Ohio. Mom’s Basement Fest is proudly partnered up with The Ragpicker Merch again for it this year. More details on that as we go. Lastly, we’re hard at work on the 2022 Mom’s Basement X-mas Party! You can look for that on YouTube sometime around the holiday. More details on that next month!

Thanks everyone for all of the support, it means alot to us. We’re around 7 years in and rapidly approaching 100 releases! Without all of your support, we would never had made it this far. If you’re so inclined, feel free to share our social media pages and YouTube channel. That definitely helps for our releases to reach more people. You could also ask your local record stores to carry our releases via Traffic Entertainment!

-John & Tricia