Question: What is more exhilarating in life than playing your own punk rock songs with friends you have had for over 30 years? Answer: Not a damn thing!
In 1997 the Smelters emerged from the smoky shadows and stink of Hinton; a small pulp mill community nestled in the foothills of Alberta. Sharing a love of straight forward honest punk rock music, four best friends answered the call of duty. Danny was on drums. He didn’t own a drumkit, but he was a pretty good air drummer and a better bet than the others by far. Scotty and Gordy chose guitars. Not the standard rhythm and lead roles but dual rhythm cranked to eleven, absent of any musical gymnastics not needed or wanted in the music that would soon explode from their parents’ basement or garages. Jonny took on double duties of bass and vocals because bass was kind of easy and singers without guitars are lame (Joey Ramone excepted). Jonny was also the natural showman and lead singer. On borrowed gear they got down to business, very quickly becoming proficient on their instruments and dialing in their fun and unique take on punk rock. They self-released a full-length album in 2000. In the following years they played to excited crowds wherever and whenever they could while balancing the demands of post-secondary school and careers. Growing families and increasing distances between band members would ultimately force the Smelters into a multi-year hibernation but not before making a pact to get together as often as they could to hammer out three chords and the truth. Fast forward a whole bunch of years and the Smelters are back! The original lineup with fresh perspectives and the same energy that brought them together long ago are playing live shows, creating music videos, and recording new material. This past year they were invited to join a couple of boutique labels for the release of their second full length album titled Burnin’ Dirt, which hit the shelves in August. They haven’t won any awards (yet) but reliably win over crowds and fellow bands with their fast, fun, and catchy style of punk rock. If there is one guarantee in life, it’s that the Smelters will leave you with a smile on your face and content knowing that three chord punk is alive and well.

The Young Hasselhoffs

Friends since high school, middle aged pop-punkers The Young Hasselhoffs are reunited after a decade-long sabbatical, that followed a decade-long sabbatical, punctuated by a brief reunion. Confused? Let’s start over. Matt, Jason, and Phil started TYH in 1998, right out of high school. They very quickly earned a reputation for writing catchy tunes and borrowing equipment from better bands when playing shows. In short, they took the band about as seriously as their name would suggest. Yet things happened for them anyway. In 2002, after two LPs, a 7”, numerous comp appearances, and three US tours, reality intervened. The rock dream seemed dead. Matt, Jason and Phil decided to go their separate ways. And they did. 
Ten years later. 
In 2011 the band recorded “Obsolete Man,” and reunited for one final live performance at InsubordinationFest, for which Jason and Phil had to relearn their respective instruments. Shortly following the record’s release, the band was politely threatened with legal action due to an alleged trademark issue regarding their name, and the band was once again done for good. Or was it? It wasn’t. 
(Another) ten years later. 
Despite being considered largely irrelevant as an actual band 20 years ago, Phil managed to talk everyone into making a new record. Matt wrote demos from Colorado, Jason and Phil re-relearned their instruments in Omaha, and (with the help of the internet) they were ready to record with producer Andrew Berlin at the Blasting Room in August 2021.


Melodic and introspective punk rock from the Heartlands with shitloads of harmonies. Shackleford was born in the latter part of 2014 being a collision (a collusion?) of melodic punk rock, broken guitar strings, silly nicknames, kebabs, and empty tinnies. Since then they have gigged and toured all over the UK and self-released two EPs. Shackleford try their best to write with honesty and integrity, to write what they know, and to keep things as simple as they need to be. No bluster, no bullshit. Like what your older brother used to listen to.

Joe Jitsu

Joe Jitsu were a band from roughly 1997 to 2010. Hailing from Beaumont, TX their unique style of traditional pop punk leaned more toward the Green Day camp than the Weasel but pulled influence from so much more. Within the decade JJ existed the band released four official albums on Top Five, Insubordination, and Brucemonkey Records, played tons of shows, and even toured the US, opening for bands like The Queers, The Methadones, Groovie Ghoulies, The Ergs, The Steinways, and Dirt Bike Annie along the way. You can now find the members of Joe Jitsu playing in the bands Breaklights, Oldie Hawn, and Dropped Out.

The Lorrainas

Formed in 2004 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, The Lorrainas love to smash hearts and ear drums with their super fun, super fast songs about dudes, hair products, underwear and Johnny Thunders. Looking for a good time? These ladies know how to party – but only ‘til it’s dark.

The Lockdowns

What else do you do when a pandemic puts the whole world on lockdown? You start a band, that’s what! So that’s exactly what they did! Jimmy, Alex, Herbert and Pedro came together in March of 2020 to write broken hearted pop punk songs and ride out the pandemic. Before you know it they released an EP less than a year after coming together, and it’s just the beginning! The EP is available digitally everywhere you stream music and keep your eyes peeled for more from Houston, TX Pop Punk Quartet The Lockdowns!!!

School Damage

Three words seem to nail the spirit of School Damage; “Fast. Fun. Fucked up”. The Toronto trio native’s special blend of power-party hard-pop punk is quick, snotty and unrefined with just a dash of melody. After forming in 2010 School Damage have toured Canada, America and Europe sharing stages with such punk rock heavyweights like Teenage Bottelrocket, Off With Their Heads, The Lillingtons, the Spits, Subhumans, Masked Intruder and more. They’ve even managed to get their shit together to release numerous E.P’s and three full-lengths, the most recent being Critical Excess which will be released this summer through Mom’s Basement Records in the USA and I Buy Records in Europe. Once shows start happening after a global Pandemic you can expect School Damage will be rolling through your town asking what time the liquor store closes before they hit the stage.

The Koopas

The Koopas were formed at the beginning of 1999 in Southwest Texas. Fronted by Poppy Robbie, Charmin’ Charlie Whittle on bass (Joe Jitsu, Breaklights, Closet Drama), Tron Carter on drums (Joe Jitsu, Closet Drama, Breaklights, Dropped Out), and Jacob Vance on bass (late 1999-mid-2000), the group played their brand of 90’s underground pop punk until 2002. Now, the members of the group can be found continuing to make music through their various projects.


Avem is a birdcore pop punk band from the idyllic countryside of southern Ontario, Canada. They sing songs about birds and human lived experiences as told through the perspective of birds. While the subject matter sounds as crazy as a loon, their melodies and energetic music will have you bopping along like any of your other favorite ramonescore bands.

The Suck

The SUCK are a group of friends from various states that came together to record a fun debut 7” ep back in 2018. The band made a splash right away and caught our attention with their fun songwriting that is inspired by some of our favorite bands like the Ramones, the Vapids and the almighty HEAD. The s/t 7” sold out pretty quickly and they went to work on their first full length “In-Cog-Neat-O” which was an instant hit. These dudes stepped it up yet again with their sophomore full length “Boris Sprinkler” which has sold out two pressings in less than 6 months. Relentless promotion works folks, especially if you are one of the best current bands doing it. the SUCK is unstoppable so grab a beer and tune in. You’re gonna love it.

Beatnik Termites

The legendary Beatnik Termites who were formed in 1989 in Cleveland Ohio and went onto to release several great albums, a bunch of killer eps and one of the best entires in the Ramones cover album series. Beatnik Termites sound is a hybrid of Punk Rock, Bubblegum, Doo Wop and Surf. Add in some of the best harmonies you’ve ever heard and what you have is this band.

Goin’ Places

Goin’ Places is a pop-punk band from Staten Island, NY. Having formed in 2000, Richie (Vocals/Guitar), Victor (Vocals/Drums) and Frank (Bass) have been cranking out the hits for over 20 years. In that time they have released albums and worked with the likes of Mutant Pop Records, Coldfront Records, SP Records and Asian Man Records. Their most recent album, SAVE THE WORLD, was released in February 2021 by Mom’s Basement Records, along with Waterslide Records and Memorable But Not Honorable.

Flamingo Nosebleed

Flamingo Nosebleed is a punk band. They’re sometimes poppy, sometimes old school and gritty, and always a total party live! Hailing out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jake Emissions formed the band in late 2007. Numerous lineup changes, a S/T EP, and several songs on comps lead up to the joining of Phil Nieswender and Mike Singleton and the release of “Headbanger” in 2011. Recorded in a day and a half, this is where the band found the basis of their sound. The trio toured all over North America and shared the stage with numerous bigger punk acts leading up to signing to Kid Tested/Go Kart Records, which lead to the recording of “Blood on the Basement Floor”. Produced by Dave Parasite (Parasites duh), and Matt Yonker (Teen Idols, Bullets to Broadway, Less Than Jake, Etc.) in Nashville, TN, late 2012. This record released in June 2013, pushed them to a new level of songwriting and production. A lot more US touring with The Parasites and The Queers, festivals, first time shows in Mexico and Canada, a 7” split with Italian punks “Killtime”, and a new van later, ended the boys in the studio again in late 2018 recording “Degenerate Pop”. This record was recorded over several months at Berry Street Records in their hometown of Fort Wayne. Produced by Jake Emissions and Scott Rottler, this is by far the most they’ve grown in writing. DP was released in 2019 thru Moms Basement Records!

Giant Eagles

Giant Eagles are a killer supergroup from the Netherlands that play melodic punk rock. The band consists of members of the Apers, the Windowsill, Raging Hormones and other amazing Dutch punk rock bands. Their debut full length “Giant Egos” was released in 2014 by Shield Recordings and was an instant classic, not many bands hit that hard when they first come out. “Giant Egos” sold out pretty quickly and the band went back into hiding for a few years until 2020 when their second full length “Second Landing” came out, on this album we became the bands American label and we are truly thrilled to be a part of it. As anticipated “Second Landing” was another smash hit for the band and went out of print very quickly. We cannot wait for the next project from these legends.

The Jasons

The Jasons are a loud, fast, snotty, punk rock band from Crystal Lake, NJ. Since their beginnings in 2013, The Jasons have been pushing the buttons of the easily offended and the limits of the pop punk genre. Bitingly satirical, infinitely catchy, and notoriously anti-label, The Jasons’ partnership with Mom’s Basement Records marks a milestone for one of the underground’s most stubbornly independent bands.


For some people starting the least entertaining band in the world while living in the Entertainment capital of the world would seem like a silly thing to do. Well, not the guys in Jerk. Singer and guitarist Josh The Jerk with Tate Hall on bass and Josh Howard hitting the skins looked to fill a serious void in the Las Vegas pogo punk scene. Ok there was no pogo punk scene, but that didn’t stop them from trying. In 2015 they donned their leather jackets, Chuck Taylors and started working on their first batch of songs. 2017 saw the addition of stage diving aficionado Matt Brown on Guitar bringing in the 2nd guitar sound the band had been missing. Jerk quickly perfected the art of 3 chord rocket science and started sharing the stage with bands like Lillingtons. The Dickies, Interrupters, Guttermouth & The Jasons. Slowly but surely they were building a local fan base, starting to tour the country, landing a spot on the Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival and signing to Moms Basement Records. Fast forward to post pandemic times and the band is set to tour the country, play Punk Rock Bowling and release another record. Josh is still on guitar and singing, Matt is still on 2nd guitar but has given up stage diving (for safety reasons). Josh H is still playing drums and AJ Wyatt is getting his cherry popped as the new bassist. We may be living in a new era thats to Covid but Jerk is still banging out blissful Ramonescore/Pogo Punk classics like it was 1977.


MEGA is an Italian punk-rock band born in Monza, Italy in 2012. MEGA is 4 friends who have recorded 4 full length albums as well as a split 7” and a few comp appearances. They write very poppy and melodic songs that border on the line of genus and like a fine wine get better as they age.

The Ponches

The Ponches were an Italian punk rock band that formed in 2005 They come from somewhere near Turin but their headquarters are in Ferriera. In 2008 they went on a tour of the west coast of the USA and in 2009 they released their first split CD with the Deans (Making Believe Records). In 2012 a split 7” was released by Surfin’ Ki Records and their first full-length “The Long Goodbye” was released by Monster Zero Records, followed by “Hum” in 2015 . They called it a day in 2019 releasing their final EP called “Quit” on One Chord Wonder and Mom’s Basement Records and played their final show at Punk Rock Raduno 4.

Stinking Polecats

Stinking Polecats are a legendary pop punk band from Piacenza, Italy, active around 1997 – 2003. After touring Europe a few times and releasing several albums and eps the band would broke up, but it was all not for nothing because Chris polecat and Micetta formed the almighty TOUGH a few years later who has been active since. In 2020 Stinking Polecats reunited and released a killer 3 song 7” ep. Welcome back amicos!

The Livermores

LIVERMORES: Leather jackets and spilled beer, Mosrite & ripped Levi’s. You can hear it in your head already, can’t ya? Buzzsaw guitars and a 4/4 beat, stripped of any unnecessary bullshit. The Livermores get it. They understand rock n’ roll. Be Buddy Holly on speed

The Putz

The Putz are a fast, fun, pop-punk-rock trio, reminiscent of the mid-’90s Lookout Records-era punk rock recording artists.

The Putz first appeared on the scene in 2010 with their debut album Hole In One. Since then, they have recorded and released three more full-length albums, Knock It Off, Clinically Inane, and, most recently, Rise and Shine, all courtesy of Eccentric Pop Records. Not to mention the Hole In One reissue on vinyl, several EP, split, and compilation releases on Mom’s Basement Records and Something To Do Records, as well as several cassette releases on Memorable But Not Honorable. Their next release, A Few Beers Younger…, Vol. One is due out late in 2021 on Mom’s Basement Records.

The Putz have toured a large portion of the United States of America, from New York to Texas, and have even spent some time in Canada. The Putz have had the opportunity to play with national acts including The Queers, The Mr. T. Experience, The Ataris, and Ritchie Ramone.


Tough were born from the ashes of Stinking Polecats, one of the finest pop punk bands out of the 90s, one of my favorites for sure. When Stinking Polecats have split up, bass player Chris and guitarist Miccetta founded this brand new band, together with an amazing drummer, Biso: no tricks, no frills, 100% punk rock.   And 14 years later they keep on rocking, sticking to their guns. Yes, there were a few line up changes – 4 different guitar players: Mitch, Stefan-Eno, Roby, Ivan – but the band is always here, sounding better than ever, tougher than ever and… TOUGH like the Ramones.


Twister was born in Rome, Italy around 10 years ago, the band plays a unique style of melodic punk rock and has releases a full length Lp and a few eps over the years. Twister is Mauro and Emiliano on guitar, Fabio on drums and Marco About on Bass/Vocals


VonErichs is a punk rock battle royal featuring members of bands from across the globe, superkicking and downpicking their way into the music scene. Paying homage to the legends of the squared circle, this group of masked superstars are set to release their first full length album entitled “First Blood Match” on Mom’s Basement Records. The album features 14 tracks paying tribute to the spectacle and tragedy that is professional wrestling, and this is only the beginning.


The Wanna-Bes from Seattle Washington are a long defunct pop punk band that is beloved by people all over the world. The band has worked with mutant pop AND Lookout/Panic Button in their career which is impressive considering the legendary status of both labels. Their first album S/T was released in 2001 and is beloved. Their 2nd full length was to follow shortly behind it but with the folding of lookout records, It was laid to rest. The band sent out some homemade Cd-r copies of the disc over the years so the songs ended up getting out there and Out Went The Lights became a classic that was never given a proper release. That is until we were able to release it in 2016. There were 6 leftover songs from those recording sessions that the band gave us. 4 of those songs made it onto the Broken Record 7” in 2019. That leaves us with 2 more songs.. Maybe they’ll make it onto one of our passport split series 7”s? Time will tell. We are stoked to be able to be a part of the history of this incredible band. A big thank you to Chris, Scott, Justin and Tim!

Follow Ups

The Follow Ups hail from Eastern Canada where they’ve been smashing out Ramones-inspired Punk Rock since 2017.

Who are these cretin hoppers? What do they want? Will they come to a town near YOU?!


Covert Flops

Covert Flops is an Indiana-based pop punk band formed in 2018. Founded by singer andguitarist Chad Shick and drummer Adam Caddell, the two soon recruited bass player Billy Putz.The Flops sound is a mix of Ramones, The Queers, and The Lillingtons. Soon after forming they recorded their debut album, DEFCON 1-2-3-4, at Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, IN. The album was subsequently released on Outloud! Records in 2019. The Flops returned to the studio in 2020 to record their second full-length album, Mission: Implausible, this time at Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis, MO. The album is set to release in 2021 on Mom’s Basement Records.

The Vapids

The legendary Vapids formed in Burlington Ontario in 1993. They released 2 demo tapes in 1994 and their first album in 1995. Since then have released 20 records and played about 675 shows. Current lineup of Scott, Matt, Eric and Jim have been active since 2008. You can find them on bandcamp and Instagram.

Radio Blast

Formed in early 2018, Radio Blast has continued to craft an authentic brand of punk rock from the Lower East Side of New York City.

Radio Blast is Dom (Shutouts, Red Rockets, Podunk Queens), Kaspar (I Guerrieri, Pea Shooter), Mike (Examine), and Franco (Podunk Queens).


RATBONES is a solid punk rock band based between Genova and Milan, Italy born in 2003. The project started as a Ramones Tribute Band and slowly moved into an a band playing original stuff for the last 11 years. Ratbones toured several times throughout Italy, some of Europe and Canada. Ratbones believe in miracles and Ramones.

Proton Packs

PROTON PACKS have been a staple of the italian punk rock scene since 2005. They play Ecto-Punk, a lethal blend of Ramones-influenced punk rock infused with sci-fi and espionage lyrics. You might have caught a glimpse of them when they played Punk Rock Raduno Vol.2, when they rocked Bam Fest the following year or when they partied hard at their very own Lobotomy Fest in Siena. When they’re not busy playing shows, they’re locked up in their secret lab preparing green and smoky concoctions, building time machines and writing formulas on blackboards looking for the equation to the perfect punk rock song.

Get ready to embrace the Ecto-Punk Conspiracy!


Volkov is a punk rock has been band from Milanograd, Russia born in 2015 just to piss off scenesters. They loves kvas, oi! and fun… and if you wanna ruin your party, be sure to invite them.