– Do you accept demos?

Yes of course, send it on over. We can’t work with every band that sends us a demo so please don’t take it the wrong way if we can’t release your music. We have a fairly sizable roster and we’re stretched pretty thin throughout the year.

– Do you ship internationally?

All the time, we cannot control the USPS international postal prices though. Yes, we know that they are high, we wish that we could change that. We do distro with several international labels to try to help the international fans out so keep an eye out on your favorite European or Japanese punk rock label for MBR releases.

– My package was damaged by my postal carrier, will you give me a new one?

This is a tricky one, we don’t like it when people are unhappy with their purchase from us but we cannot be held accountable for something that the postal service did. The records that we release don’t show up to us damaged or bent and we surely do not send them out that way. We take extra care to package each order with care and send our records with cardboard pads inside of the mailers. If your mailer comes bent in half, we cannot be held accountable for that sort of thing. If a jacket gets a corner ding or something you could always ask us for a new one, we don’t mind sending out a new jacket if we have an extra available.

– Can you buy Mom’s Basement Records releases at your local record store?

You surely can! We are proudly distributed through Traffic Entertainment so please ask your local record store to order all of the Mom’s Basement Records releases!

– How long will it take to ship my order?

We try to ship them as quickly as possible, typically It will take 1 day or so. Sometimes it can take a week, I have a very demanding job these days so I don’t have nearly as much free time as I used to. Please be patient, this label has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We’re doing everything that we can to keep things moving!

Feel free to contact us on social media or email us momsbasementrecords@gmail.com